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Early Childhood Center




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We invite you to worship with us!

Whether you're long-time residents of South Milwaukee or new to the area, the families of Zion invite you to discover for yourself the joy and comfort that comes from knowing God's plan, not just for your life here on earth, but forever.

Come and see! Join us for worship services or contact us about joining a membership class. Our basic worship schedule is printed below, or you can check our calendar page for more details.

Our regular weekend worship services are held on Saturday nights at 6:00 or on Sunday mornings at 8:00 and 10:30. During the summer months (from Memorial Day to Labor Day), we have Thursday night services at 6:30, Saturday night services at 6:00, and Sunday morning worship at 9:00.

We also have special worship services on church festivals (Christmas, Easter, etc.), as well as other special occasions (Thanksgiving, Mission Festival, etc.) and seasons (Advent, Lent). You can find out about these special services by contacting our church office or by checking our calendar.

If you're new to the South Milwaukee area, you may be looking for a new doctor, dentist, school, store, bank, church, and more. You may also be frustrated and lonely because moving to a new town means finding new friends.

At Zion, we're a whole family of Christian friends. If we can help you get acquainted, find your way around, and locate the community services you need, please call on us. Someone in our family lives near your family.


Our purpose

To Glorify God

God tells us in the Bible that our purpose in life is to give glory to Him in all that we say and do. Every function of our church has this one purpose.

To Preach Christ

Our sole function as a church is the proclaiming of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is revealed in God's inspired Word, the Bible. Ours is not a social or political task -- it is a spiritual task of reaching individual souls with the Good News of God's love and salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. We hope you will join us!

"I rejoiced with those who said to me,
'Let us go into the house of the Lord.'"

Psalm 122:1


Our teaching

We believe and teach the basic truths of historic Christianity:

  • that mankind is God's creation; that man was created good and holy, but by his own choice fell into sin; that we are all sinful and helpless to save ourselves

  • that Jesus Christ is the true Son of God; that he was sent into the world as true man; that as the substitute for all sinners he lived and died and rose from death in victory

  • that because of Christ's suffering and death in our place, God has forgiven our sins and given us the gift of eternal life

  • that we are saved only through faith in Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of all sinners

  • that the Holy Spirit, by means of the Gospel, creates saving faith in Jesus and leads us to a life of God-pleasing good works, done out of joyful gratitude and love for God

  • that the Bible, in every part and every work, is the inspired Word of God, without any error; that it is the only revelation of God's saving truth to mankind, and therefore is our only standard of what to believe and how to live

For more information on what we teach, please click here to read a booklet entitled "This We Believe." It's available in several different languages.


Our program

Since "faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the Word of Christ" (Romans 10:17), our program centers on the teaching, preaching, and sharing of this saving Word of God.

Worship Services

The Bible tells us of our need to come together to worship God and to hear His Word for our spiritual and eternal welfare.  We therefore have worship services every weekend and many special services throughout the year.

Christian Education

The Lord has commanded His church to teach His followers to "obey everything I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:20).  Therefore we provide these opportunities to learn about Jesus and from Jesus:

. Zion Lutheran School
High-quality education for children through eighth grade
. Early Childhood Center
Includes a daycare and 4-year-old preschool
. . . . .
. Confirmation Instruction
An in-depth study of Bible basics for seventh and eighth grades
. Inquirer's Classes
A Bible study for people interested in membership
. . . . .
. Bible Studies
Many different classes are offered. Call the office for a schedule
. Vacation Bible School
A one-week summertime Bible study with a special theme
. . . . .
. Pioneers and Girl Pioneers
Opportunities for fellowship, service, learning, and fun for kids
. Sunday School
Children are invited to attend between Sunday worship services

Other Fellowship and Service Opportunities

In addition to our Worship Services, Christian Elementary School, Adult Bible Study, Christian Daycare, Christian Preschool, Church Membership Classes, Youth Confirmation Classes, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible School, we offer:

Christian Education Association, Christian Counseling Services, Shut-in and Hospital Visitation, Choir, Handbell Choir, Ladies Aid, Youth Group, Athletic Teams, Church Library, Gift Trust Fund, and other opportunities to serve.

In addition, there are many boards and committees. Click for a PDF list of those who are serving on Zion's boards and committees this year.




Zion History
Zion has shared the message of free salvation for more than 120 years! Click to read about our history


Our Pastors
Pastor Aaron T. Weber began serving Zion in February of 2007, and Pastor Adam E. Zimpelmann began serving Zion in June of 2011



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